Clever Dodo Shop introduces personalised rice charms

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30 Apr 2017 14:50, updated
30 Mar 2013, published

We’re very happy to announce our new collection of personalised gifts - rice charms. They were supposed to be ready for Valentines but unfortunately, our supplier did not have an important piece in stock and therefore it has taken this long to finally put this back on our online shop.

rice charms

For those who are not familiar with the concept of rice charms, they are an accessory where a word (usually name of a person) is written on a grain of rice. This is then put in a vial and a special oil is added to preserve the rice.

Nowadays, it has become common to add other little things to the vial to make it even more pretty. You can have a small dried flower, glow in the dark rock or tiny coloured beads (fairy dust) to make your charm even more customised to your taste.

The rice charm itself can be crafted as a necklace, bracelet, keyring or mobile phone charm. Therefore it can make an excellent present for anyone regardless of age and gender.

Our prices start from Rs140 and we believe it’s really a bargain for a personalised item of jewellery. We have plenty of designs available, so head over to the Clever Dodo Boutique and choose yours :)

If you have any questions regarding the rice charms, please leave a comment.