The Cyber City Parking Hell

(Level 5)
09 Feb 2017 18:58, updated
26 Feb 2013, published

I’ve heard so much of the Cyber City Tower at Ebene but never had a reason to visit it until yesterday. I had to return a Nomad modem for them to cancel the contract (that’s a long story and not the point of this post though). So on the motorway, I saw the sign to turn left (coming from Port-Louis) to head towards the tower which was fine until I was getting nearer to the place.

I was driving in the second lane on the premises when I noticed the palm trees had their branches hanging over the road which prevented me from sticking to my lane and I found myself driving a quarter in the left lane. it was not like a couple of the branches were overgrown but most of them were and it was a hazard in my opinion. Either the people responsible should not have planted the palm trees so close to the outer kerb or they should see to it that it doesn’t cause a problem to drivers entering the area.

Wing B was my destination and I searched in vain for a sign to indicate me where I needed to go. I kept on driving until I reached the end of the road which had Emtel on its right. I asked the security guy working there where Nomad was located and he pointed to the tower right in front of me. I then asked where I could park and that’s when he said parking is a problem here. He advised me to put it behind another car on a road adjacent on double yellow lines but to be careful as I may be fined. I didn’t think twice because there was someone else with me who would be able to move the car if there was any need to.

I was however surprised and disappointed at the lack of signage. For somebody like me who is visiting for the first time, they have not made it easy (1) to find what I was looking for, Wing B of the tower and (2) parking space. It seems the Cyber City is a tower amidst a parking field - cars are actually parked on footpaths everywhere. It is obvious the people who designed it did not think about the parking side of it or did not expect so many cars.

The Nomad representative who I talked to told me they have parking only for their staff (actually only 2 of them) and none for their clients. Paid parking is available but finding the person in charge to take payment is a hassle. Oh there was a little sign on the tower that says Wing B, so much for trying to locate it whilst driving. And access to the lifts is restricted and you need to get a visitors card to allow you in. Needless to say none of this was written anywhere in the building and the security in charge keeps your visitors card as soon as you head for the lifts. She’s probably good at recognising faces as she signs you out when you’re leaving.

I was in a hurry and haven’t been able to take any pictures but I’m sure many people know what the parking there is like. I just feel sorry for those working there. If anyone got some pictures, I’ll be happy to put them up. Just send them over to me :)