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Hi! It's been a long time since I have been here. “‘All conditioned things are impermanent’ — when one sees this with wisdom, one turns away from suffering.” The Buddha

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Buy books online

haven't you considered buying in pdf/epub format? It is way cheaper.

24 Jul 2018 01:42

The last day for ID card

what do you mean by last day?
Your death, I guess :D

02 Apr 2017 20:47

Why are there no elephants at Casela? should probably asked casela for this question

02 Apr 2017 20:45

Competing at hsc level

All the information you need are here:

20 Mar 2017 21:50

Learner car driving test

Here the link
You need to sign up on the govt website before applying online
link 2

16 Mar 2017 22:53

Any fantasy books anyone could recommend?

I am also a passionate of fantasy book but it has to have the romance element in it.
Here are a few fantasy series :
- Dark hunter
- Fae Chronicle
- Sookie stackhouse
- Dark by Christine Feehane
- Drakon by Shane Abe
- Deep in your Vein by Suzanne Wright
( there are more, I'm a sucker for romance book)

17 Feb 2017 16:28

Changes applied to Clever Dodo in January 2016 - Some data loss and some new privileges

OH WOW...I'm so excited about the new services. I am very happy to see the changes. When will the project be released? ( I still see some downvote here and there -_-, It pains me to see that downvote)

17 Feb 2017 16:14

Need to find out Mauritius commercial bank routing number?

I don't think MCB has a routing number. To transfer money locally, you need to go to the nearest MCB branch with the person name and account number or use their internet banking.
To transfer money internationally, you can use the swift transfer( and to receive money, you get your own IBAN number.)
Swift Code: MCBLMUMU

20 Dec 2016 12:23

Politics in Mauritius

Politics is not really my field of interest. I have to admit I don't much about it. But Kenshiro, if you are interested in it or know about it. Maybe you can write an article and send it to clever dodo. :)

15 Dec 2016 11:54

Quel numero a telephoner pour savoir si mon parcel est arrive a l'ile maurice?

Tu peux t'en servir le service du EMS( Expedited Mail Services) de Maurice.
contacter: 211 7793.
Je te conseille de jeter un coup d'oeil sur ce site.EMS -Mauritiuspost

06 Dec 2016 22:13

Is the chat-room unavailable now?

It has been closed down.

06 Dec 2016 22:00

Importing a used car from japan

Do you mean 400,000 as retail price?
You need to pay for:
50% IED (Import Excise Duty)

To calculate IED
( percentage of IED x retail price)
50% x 400,000
= 200,000

15% Vat

To calculate Vat

percentage of vat x( IED + Retail Price)
15% x (200,000 +400,000)
= 90, 000 mur

Total= 90,000+ 200,000+ 400,000
= 690,000 mur

Converting 690,000 mur to japanese yen (you can simply google it)
=approx 76706265.00 yen

Source: MRA

22 Nov 2016 23:07

Problems renewing my passport from Italy where they've moved the Mauritian Embassy to Paris

Well, I am not sure if you can give your papers to your friends unless she/he is a solicitor or something but why don't you try contacting the nearest embassy..not necessary France but from UK or Germany.

21 Nov 2016 19:10

Is loose tobacco for hand rolling available in Mauritius?

Loose Tobacco is illegal in Mauritius.

This is the newest regulation(2015) concerning "Roll your own cigarette" coming from the Commerce division of Mauritius.

“Roll your own cigarettes” papers and Rolling machines

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection wishes to
inform the public that the Consumer Protection (Control of Imports)
(Amendment No. 6) Regulations 2015 have been promulgated and are
effective as from 17 December 2015.

Consequently, the importation of “Roll your own cigarettes” papers and
Rolling machines, other than rolling machines of industrial types, used to
manufacture cigarettes are banned, except for those ordered or
imported before 17 December 2015.

The Consumer Protection (Control of Imports) (Amendment No. 6)
Regulations 2015 may be accessed on the website of the Ministry
( for consultation.

This explained why you can see supermarket selling it. :)

Source: link1

20 Nov 2016 21:53

Why am I unable to use Paypal on some websites which clearly say they accept this form of payment?

Probably because you don't have enough money. Have you added money in your bank account?

19 Nov 2016 21:53

Kifer kan mo met MBC 1 lot TNT, mo gagne lamisik emplas chaine la?

Kapav to bann zenfan finn klik lor bouton Radio/TV lor to remote. Re-klik sa bouton la lerla tou pou korek.

19 Nov 2016 20:34

Zip code and security code on Amazon in Mauritius

You can find your postcode here Mauritius Post code

18 Nov 2016 18:52

I want to start a business but where can I find the right talented employees?

With no previous background or popularity in business(I'm just assuming here). I think clever dodo is the wrong place to actually look for employees. There are too many scams nowadays and people are aware of this and may abstain themselves from thinking to enter your company. What I can suggest you should do is to actually publicize your organization in real for example using poster, TV ads...connect with universities etc... :)

16 Nov 2016 21:05

What to do when your heart and mind is in conflict?

Sometimes the heart tells you do one thing and the mind tells you to do another. For example, your heart tells you to wait and your mind tells you its time to move on.

The heart tells you to wait.

I have noticed some inner emotion like faith and hope that it is going to change in the future. The heart tells you that even though your situation is not good, have faith that's all going to be alright. Keep hoping.

The mind tells you to move on.

It's a waste of time to wait for something that might never happen, you are currently suffering, so you better move on. There is no hope, be realistic, why would that thing happen? It's best to move on.

Which one should I listen to? The heart or the mind? Both give me a valid reason to choose.

When it comes to making a "decision"..there is another emotion, FEAR! I fear that listening to my heart or mind will make me regret my decision.

I want to listen to my heart like I have always been doing but I fear that hoping will make me continue hoping that it will happen when it might not.( and that means continuing to suffer for something that might or might not happen).

I want to listen to mind because that means I will stop being in pain. But should I listen to my mind continuously? What if listening to my heart was the better choice?

So HELPPPPP!!!! Have you been in that situation before? what did you do?

21 Dec 2016 15:33

Is T3 illegal to be sold in Mauritius?

I wonder if T3 is illegal in Mauritius. If not, how much does it cost? and where can I buy it?

16 Dec 2016 13:16

In what way do you think students can help the Mauritian Society?

Well, we are undergraduate students and we want ideas of how we, as student (who does not work) can contribute to the society during our academic years. We want the public opinions.
Thank you in advance for your answers.

25 Nov 2016 22:13

Why does baby parrot screams?

I recently got a new parrot. It's a baby with no feathers(well...very few not-yet-mature feather ) . I wonder why does it it because it wants attention, food or something else? ( I have another parrot... we had that one when it was 1 month old and it was a very shy parrot (aka no screaming) so this is a new situation for me. )

22 Nov 2016 20:10

What female manipulation method have you ever used in the past (or known of) to make a woman like you?

Recently I have come across the terms
1) "push-pull" concept (Apparently this is what commitment-phobe use to get any girl they want)
for example : "You greet the woman every day and tell her she has got a nice smile then all of a sudden you stop doing it"

(want to know more about commitment-phobe, this is a nice article commitment-phobe men )

*Anyway, don't try it, people! This is the type of unhealthy relationship full of drama. ( A relationship should feel supportive, loving and honest) *

2) Reverse- Psychology
for example " please do not think of think of us as a couple (or friend with benefits)"

3) Fractionation
read more fractionation

Those were very interesting research. ( Being someone very observant, I have found that some guys used it ( the question I asked myself is "are they aware of what they are doing?" ) )

So people , do you know any other female manipulation methods that exist? If so, I think it would be cool if you share your stories?

13 Nov 2016 13:08

Where can I buy orchids at a cheapest price in Mauritius?

Hello, I want to buy orchids at a cheapest price. Do you have an idea where I can buy it? If possible, can you please quote the price? Thank you in advance for your reply, I really appreciate it.

25 Aug 2016 01:36

Urgent: I want to buy a mercedes CLA 180, Is it a good idea or not?

I need to get the answer before Monday, I wonder if it is worthwhile to buy a Mercedes CLA 180 and what to expect from this. Thank you in advance for your opinion.

20 Aug 2016 19:02

What are good romance books that you have ever read?

I am looking for Mauritians or even expatriate to share amazing romance books with me. We could make this a discussion board where we can discuss our like and dislike of the romance books we read and share amazing books with each other.

19 Aug 2016 17:19

What is the top paranormal romance book you have ever read?

I am looking for amazing paranormal romance to read with hot alpha dragon/wolf/Vampire/fairy/feline and stuff. I love reading paranormal romance, the aspect of having some strange marks that show they are destined to be mated is awesome and intriguing. Oh yeah, I don't mind paranormal romance book with a dash of humour( for example hot female vampire fainting at the sight of blood :P and mother vampire kidnapping hot doctor as dessert for daughter -----> see argeneau 1( A quick bite) by linsay sand! )

This is my favorite romance series: 1) Dark hunters by sherrylin Kenyon
2) Dark by christine feehan
3) Immortal after dark by Kresley Cole
4) Drakon by shana Abe
5) guild hunter by nalini singh
6) psy-changeling by nalini singh
7) Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.r.ward
8) Elder races by Thea Harrison
9)Night Huntress by Jeaniene Frost
10) Fae Chronicle by Amelia Hutchins

07 Aug 2016 16:05

What is the lifespan of a Mauritius Parakeet?

I have been looking at this particular information on the internet and it seems no research has been inputted for us to know( the average lifespan of a Mauritius parakeet). So, if you know that info,,I would be grateful if you share it with me( or other people who are looking for the answer of that question).

04 Aug 2016 20:39

Anime in French

does anyone know anime that is similar to:

  1. Witch hunter Robin
  2. Attack of titan
  3. Huntik
  4. Blue exorcist

And What is your favorite anime ?

24 Jul 2016 13:32

For academic essay, can we start with the negative points then shift to the positive one?

I am talking about University level of academic writing. I recently heard a friend saying that I should start my essay with positive points then shift to negatives one. Is it a fundamental rule ? What if the essay holds more negative points than positives one? I want more in depth information about this.
Thank you in advance

07 Jun 2016 00:01

Requirement to become a Psychologist In Mauritius

I want to get as much details of how it is possible for one to become a psychologist. Also, It would have been awesome if someone could tell me in which country/countries are psychologist career demanding.Out of curiosity, I have heard that in Dubai , it is very demanding, is it true?

05 May 2016 23:30

Do you People know similar song as Fantasy Boy By New Becarra? And tell me what's your ideal/fantasy men/woman?

I have been addicted to this song for a while, and I though you people might know similar music to this, I know le demon de minuit, voyage voyage, modern talking. If you don't know that song, I recommend listening to it
Here the lyrics:

You are just my fantasy boy
I made you up, you were my toy
And I found you as a dream inside my head
Your eyes are like a mystic dream
The deepest blue I've ever seen
You're a mixture of Paul Newman and Chaplin ( for me the sentence is change as " You're a mixture of Tom cruise and Chris Hemsworth")
Tell me why.
Tell me why you're so real when I'm dreaming
Don't you know I have to face reality

Fantasy boy, please be my lover, not my toy
Cause I need you to be real
To be no fantasy, I want to touch and feel
My fantasy boy, come on and step into my life
It's so much harder to survive
Without your love for me. Come take me to eternity

I know someday we're gonna meet
Fantasy boy, I feel your heat
Want to squeeze you, tease you, hold you in my arms
Tell me why.
Tell me why you're so real when I'm dreaming
Don't you know I have to face reality

You are just my fantasy boy
I made you up, you are my toy
And I found you as a dream inside my head
Your eyes are like a mystic dream
The deepest blue I've ever seen
You're a mixture of the new man and machine

Tell me why tell me why you're so real when I dream.
Don't you know I have to face reality- oh-oh-oh
Fantasy boy, has been my lover, not my toy,
Cause I need to be real to be no fantasy I want to touch and feel.
My fantasy boy come on and step into my life
It's so much harder to survive.
Without your love for me. And take me to eternity

Okay, mine is a mixture of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Cruise :P, preferably with glasses and very romantic , intelligent, fair-minded, Empathy and who will be able to tolerate my hours of talking , a little possessive( shh...and I was supposed to go on my nun journey :P ) and who is just himself with me and what about you people?

26 Jan 2016 22:04

Urgent!!!HELP!! Sick Arowana fish!!!

So i have a small arowana and it has been acting weird since morning. It uses to swim a lot, now it just sat on the bottom and we have to push it to make it swims... I already change the fish tank water , gave it blood worm and put medication to remove fish parasite! Please help me...I wonder what have cause my little one to be so distress...your answer is valuable for me..thank you in advance^_^

12 Nov 2015 16:25

The Broken Savatte Leponze Analogy

We cannot say that technology is hindering our creativity, from personal has helped me a lot...for example I have learnt how to make logo, make my own my birthday party decor...Anyway Without creativity, technology wouldn't even born. However hmm..I shall admit that the way of how people were creative in the 80's is completely different from now, and yeah more people prefer to spend time on social media rather than trying cool things...but it does not mean that creativity has been only means that human is being creative in another way..Evolution! We are adapting to how our environment is now.

22 Jun 2016 13:53

My Reflection on Love for St Valentine’s Day

oh No!! why didnt you make me think of this before,gices
Single for Valentine= No chocolates and flowers= bad for my heart = death
( oh NO!You are harsh , I will die if I dont get chocolate for Valentine )
Joking :P (totally serious hihihihi )
Actually yes, you can be if you want (since happiness is all about the self)

06 Feb 2016 19:43

My geeky attempt to write a computer program which represents true love

Hello, I would say yes...i would still love him, In love there is no condition like "if i love you,you should love me back"...for me if the love isn't reciprocal or if someone is bored with me, then i would let him go if he want ...because i would like to see the person i love to be happy...

In real love...there are no selfish condition...since we are creature made to love...if we are no more with that someone..there will be a time where you will need to move on...i think everything happened for a reason...maybe there is someone Better out there for you....maybe to get more experiences in life...maybe to know where you went wrong..most important of all...for your own personal make your future relationship get better....

By the way as for love fading away...nah..there is no such is unconditional...maybe your personal growth make your way of thinking(You) to be someone different..hence sometime partners no more feel connect....and it may feel like you no more love the person because the personal change may caused a similarity gap...but i think it happened for a reason...this is for you to keep getting to know your partner continuously...lets see hmm...

I bought a new dress...

  • 1st day = absolutely love it
  • 5 month = love it ,
  • 1 year = its good ,
  • 5 years = too old,throw it away...

We get bored when something stay the same...however we are made in such a way that our though keep changing from day to day...and its absolutely exciting, isn't it...and oh and also bdsm, polygamy, wife-swapping,bi-sexual love....well as long as both people agree to it...then we have no right to judge....those "scandalous stuff" has exist since millennium...and since media is a good manipulator...we are known to scandalize stuff for the wrong reason for most of the cases...

Did you know that before civilization, we human did have multiple partners for pro-creation and civilization/Religion came to play a big role in our ancestors life...since pro-create mean spreading of STD such as Syphilis(one of the oldest STD) so religion create marriage and thats mean one should only mate with one partner and at that time it was the best solution because they were not medically-advanced BUT ...we are animal dear....don't think we are any different now...we are animal wearing clothes that have been tamed by civilization...but still...we still carry on our ancestors gene...and the "animal" will never be removed from us....

So what is happening now is that most of the people nowadays is returning to the old-age culture that is more and more people are no more self-contained by religions(not that i fault them), we are more rebellious...more opened-minded nowadays than we were in the past decades, so we have a tendency to follow our animal instinct...we are animal...we have been genetically design to reproduced...and it may not be sooo we have protections= condoms etc...and as long as both people in a relationship are consent to this...then its not the media or our problem...remember no condition in love. hahahaha...i end up answering all 3 people who has comment here...

And Sorry for being unintentionally disrespectful in advanced (and for my grammatical errors)

Send lots of love,kisses and hugs

01 Jun 2015 01:15

My journey into discovering myself

For a long time, I seek the answers to this question and I thought I might be a covert narcissist seeking attention. Many people I have come across judge me as attention seeker because I choose to be authentic instead of following what society think I should do, how I should behave and what they think is appropriate for a woman. For a long time, I thought they might be right, actually, I would accept what people tell me who I was. by: Julie Jensen "I am only a reflection of yourself" People ...
03 Jan 2017 04:00

My Reflection on Love for St Valentine’s Day

Before you start, here some music to listen while reading my article (for full effect or maybe it is just me, but you never know): Two steps From hell- Talia’s theme Bruton Music- Out Of the cold R.Armando Morabito ft. Julie Even- Angel Two steps From hell- Wind Queen Really Slow Motion- You will be this legend Love, The oh-so fabulous emotion that can ever happened in someone life. I often find my mind drift toward understanding the meaning of romantic love and universal love. I have bee...
06 Feb 2016 04:00