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Where can i get Popeye T shirt for men?

Hey, try in riverland shops...they are sold in IV Play stores's popeye having a spinach can in his enormous hands......:)

11 Oct 2013 17:28

Auberge in the North of Mauritius

I'd recommend Villa Maria in Trou aux Biches. Very nice and clean room with lots of mirrors :) Used to pay Rs600 for half day; call them up before you go and remember to bring your ID with you.

10 Oct 2013 14:53

Do we really need a new Identity Card with biometric technology and our fingerprints on?

lol if you think your identity is being kept safe by NOT having this new ID card in place, your a fool. As soon as you get a phone, a credit card, a bank account, a facebook page, a passport etc you have already surrendered you personal information. Don't kid yourselves, your info is already out there. This card is just another gimmick to store all of it in one place.

In fact if you have ever been to the USA you have to surrender all fingerprints (10 of them) upon arrival at any US airport, no matter who or what nationality you are.

So whats the fuss about this card? Not much because the info it stores is already somewhere out there.

03 Oct 2013 23:03

Are the nature parks and shopping places wheelchair friendly in Mauritius?

I would suggest that you check with the staff of La Pirogue hotel in the first place. It is possible that the taxis that serve the hotel might have some drivers whose cabs are adapted for wheelchair passengers. Generally taxi drivers are usually friendly and willing to help. As far as the cost for this type of vehicle, you will have to check in advance and verify with the hotel whether it is afair price. The reception desk might help you regarding cost of taxis adapted or not.

As for the shopping Centre, Bagatelle is very consumer friendly and I have personally seen people in wheelchairs wandering freely within the complex. There are lots of stores whether for souvenir hunting or for general shopping and loads of good restaurants within the complex and all at ground level. As for wheelchairs themselves, I have no idea whether the hotel or the shopping mall in Bagatelle provides them.

Just a word of caution regarding transportation in Mauritius: Buses are not friendly and have no accommodation for wheelchairs. I would advise that you take a taxi for all your trips with the caveat that you do check in advance regarding cost and wheelchair accommodation.

As for the nature parks, most of them do not have accommodation for wheelchairs but with many other places like the Pamplemousse Botanical gardens , you will have no problem whatsoever and you could spend a good day there if you so wish.

I am afraid I cannot advise in a precise way regarding all the places here. Things might have changed since I visited all the different places. Good luck.

30 Sep 2013 20:02

Do we really need a new Identity Card with biometric technology and our fingerprints on?

How can the "ruling class" control the "country class"? How does the shepherd keep track of a herd of sheep? And how do biologists keep track of endangered wildlife? Welcome to the new world order my friend! It is part of a great scheme for the evil minority to rule the innocent majority!

This new stuff creates an illusion of security and boast loudly of it being modernism! SO FALSE and UTTER BULLSHIT. Be warned, it is not 4 fingerprints that will be collected, but all 10! Yes, all ten fingers will be scanned, recorded, and stored in this database. Furthermore, facial scanning will done, features as complex as skin grain and texture will also be recorded. I am definitely against this scheme and I won’t register for that new ID. Some are saying that if you have nothing to hide why worry? This is not the issue at all. Well, I guess then you could let the government read your mail, search your house, read your sms, view your skype chat. After all if you have nothing to hide why worry?

Furthermore, do you know what’s more frightening? The government has not given any guarantee nor taken legal measures and frameworks to ensure security! That ICTA thing is a joke, those verbal guarantee that ministers are giving are nothing more than the speech of a politician! Moreover, they are reserving themselves the right of how they are going to use this data in the future – think about sharing, matching, or tracking. Imagine in a near future, you now need this card to get access to hospital, and where your medical records are stored in it or some other database, with sharing between institutions, it will be too easy for them (politicians and influent people) to trace and link your complete history!

Do you know that police or government intelligence secretly take photos of people in public manifestation? (whether pacific or not). Facial recognition will enable to them to immediately recognise you. They won’t even need permission from a judge to do matching! There is a possibility of the ‘secret police’ (one at the service of ruling political party leaders) to potentially have a secret file on you! Go for a job interview in public sector tomorrow or apply for some kind of license, background checks will be so easy, even if you've done nothing legally wrong, it can be discriminatory for you.

In Mauritius nothing has really been done to reinforce and strengthen democracy. Do you remember the Roberston report on media law? (Google, download and read). This could have really upgraded democracy and civil rights. The government refused to implement it and now it must be in an office drawer. You see, when the government is not initiating genuine efforts to improve democracy, manipulates the TV and puts pressure on private radios (democracy’s watchdogs), how can you not doubt and question their real motives? Democracy is still in its baby days in Mauritius, who will rule in the next 20-30 yrs? A dictator? Will it still be a democratic government? You have no idea. So this is like digging your grave!

However, in France, the bio-ID is in use. France is another thing; it’s on another level relative to national security, democracy, illegal immigration and civil rights as compared to Mauritius. This project is too ‘avant-gardiste ’ for us. I won’t even start with the huge cost of this new ID and as I mentioned modernism back, do you know that in 2013, hospitals are giving patients a vulgar ‘baton- mop’ as crutch. Use that money and improve the quality of life of the common Mauritian. Invest in the public busses, improve waste collection for example. Better, they could have invested in tracking bracelets for criminals and recidivistic thugs! No, they won’t, it’s better to have a file on every citizen.

Believe me, there are compromises that can be made concerning this new ID. Bio-data is not necessary unless you plan to use it for something else! Like you have a hidden agenda for instance. I remember a Mauritian lawyer saying it anti- constitutional and against the human rights for someone to take your bio-data without your consent. Only the police reserve the right to do so and only with permission a judge and that’s when you are suspected of crime too! It is also possible for laws voted in the assembly to be anti-constitutional! Mauritius has ratified the convention of human rights and you have the right to object to the collection of your bio-data. For those who really believe in democracy and in civil and individual rights, you have the duty to reject against collection of your bio-data!

22 Sep 2013 13:12

Defence of a civillian against abuse of power of the police force

Exercise your inherent right of self defense. You own your life - protect it. Deadly force can be applied both ways. Civil court is always available but costly. Complaint about an abusive cop will go nowhere because of the Blue Brotherhood.

12 Sep 2013 10:30

Is Kentucky Fried Chicken halal?

How can we say something is halal when its ingredients are kept secret?

01 Sep 2013 13:25

Why are there no proper review of the Bharat Telecom (Mauritius) internet?

BT is looking for a buy out similar to the last company with the same name. This time no one is interested and BT finds itself in an uncomfortable position . They are out for a big loss unless they come out with what they promised I.e fast internet connection and Two scores of tv channels. At present it seems they promised ostrich eggs but are delivering pigeons eggs. Have you heard of the feat of a bombaywallah feeding 25 persons with a single egg omelet. Seems BT is out to do the same.
Potential client of BT

19 Aug 2013 18:19

Kuma tir bouton lor figir vit vit?

mo met besan ,de huile olive , du lait ek 1 ti peu safran/... mo melange lii apwe mo passe li lor mo apwe 15 ou 20 minute mo lave mo figir avek delo frais..!! :)

07 Aug 2013 22:33

Does anybody knows a good bungalow or villa in the south, for wedding purposes?

please contact mr samad khodabocus,he might help you,but he is rather in the north region[trou aux biches]mobile 7623195.daniel

06 Aug 2013 11:27

Why is the Mauritian emergency ambulance service non-effective?

all of you are wrong....before sueing you must know what you are doing.the health sector is free in mauritius.We have got only five samu services in mauritius .if you dont give the proper information,you will not get the service.if the medicalised ambulance is already doing an intervention,,you will not get such services.Many stupid people give false information to have the services of the samu....unfortunately we cant sue them for their bad hadits!!!if you dont get the samu,you have the right to sue,,,,there will be inquiry and since all samu services are connected to GPRS system,you will be able to know wheteher the service were free on any day and time of the year...everything is,,,,before criticizing the samu,,,,be proudto be a Mauritian with a good Government,,,and a good health sytem...if you foreigners just criticise our country because you could not get papers easily to become resident,,,better stay in your European country full of corruption,,,financial crisis,,,and natural disasters sent by God.

10 May 2013 21:25

Problems with my email

how to create an email address with the domain
please help

10 May 2013 13:10

Where can i buy Amway products and Yves Rocher cosmetics in Mauritius? Better in Quatre Bornes.

I am looking for Amway products too to buy, they are the best quality cream and lotion.if anyone can help???regarding the Yves Rocher,same experience not good quality for the price!very dissapointed.

27 Apr 2013 16:36

Does anybody know where can I buy a TNT decoder?

You can buy one at telecom

27 Apr 2013 09:44

If I study medicine at SSR Medical College, apart from Mauritius, in which country shall I be able to work?

I've seen the college it is absolutely filthy the cadavers are ancient most of the place is falling apart mold etc you can't understand the lecturers and they are rude!!!

21 Apr 2013 21:48

Can anyone advice of a cosmetics brand that I can become its representative.

hi you can do your own business in forever living products. u can contact me

16 Apr 2013 10:41

Is Kentucky Fried Chicken halal?

I think the question should be asked to KFC themselves. They are not very keen on displaying any certificates nor are they keen in having being certified by a Halal committee in Mauritius like others are doing (debonnairs, steers, nando's port louis among many others). Is there anything they are hiding. Also beware that an oulet with a halal logo does not automatically mean halal food are served. Rely only on certificates from the Jummah Masjid or the Halaal Research Committee. I have heard an example where a person was displaying the halal certificate of the slaughter house from where he buys chicken but he actually added wine to fried rice. Please be very careful.

14 Apr 2013 17:34

What books did you use to read as a teenager?

Well apparently I like romantic novels, especially the mills and boons series.My favorite one is her sister's child by Cynthia Thomas. I also love thriller books and detective ones as well

20 Mar 2013 22:24

Can I drive a left hand car in Mauritius?

In fact I have seen left hand drive cars on the motorway in Mauritius but they are diplomatic plate cars. These cars usually have a warning sign saying that is it is a left hand drive car, but it has been a while since i saw the last one.

16 Mar 2013 13:36

Where can I buy a replacement charger for my digital camera?

Charger for my Nikon D5000 dSLR does not seem to work anymore. Anyone knows where I can buy a new one? thanks

22 Oct 2013 12:39

Where to get original nunchaku?

Can you please let me know where I can buy original nunchakus in Mauritius?

10 Oct 2013 11:08

Are the nature parks and shopping places wheelchair friendly in Mauritius?


Me and my partner are coming to mauritus (staying at la pirogue, flic and flac) in september; my partner only walks short distances so sometimes needs wheelchair; we want to go to one of your nature parks; are any of the suitable for wheelchair users?? also we want to go shopping/ like for souvenirs and gifts; where is the best place?? what is transport like? is it wheelchair friendly?

many thanks

24 Sep 2013 13:44

Where can I find Chicco products in Mauritius?

I've just moved in Mauritius and was wondering where I could find nice baby stuffs for my newborn baby...

02 Sep 2013 14:40

Can the non-citizen wife of a Mauritian open a bank account in her name?

My friend is the wife of a mauritian citizen, she is a foreigner, and is living here on permanent residency but not yet acquired the MRU citizenship. Her husband says that it is illegal for her to open an sole/individual bank account in MRU because she is the wife of a government employee of Government of Mauritius. Is this true or just a misleading statement.

10 May 2013 13:10

What's the remedy for smelly feet?

Once the shoes are off, the stinky smell from the feet doesn't seem to go even after having showered. Any solution to this?

23 Apr 2013 23:27

How long does it take for a parcel to arrive from China?

I bought a couple of things from a seller in China and it's already been 20 days since he posted my order but I haven't received anything yet. I'm worried my parcel was lost or the seller cheated me and didn't really ship my stuff.

Do I need to wait longer? Or should I try to get my money back?

16 Mar 2013 14:35

Where to get original unmodified Playstation 3?

Well I have a big problem. I want to buy a PS3, but I want an unmodified one because I don't want to play copy games. Does anyone know where they sell unmodified PS3? Thanks...

14 Feb 2013 10:31

Where is the best place to stay in ebene

I just got an offer with the the Amity Institute as an international student. I will need a very affordable and modest accommodation upon my arrival which is the 3rd week in February.

I would need some advice to on how to go about it


03 Feb 2013 09:55

Question concernant la loi travail dan moris

couma banne patron angage dimoune pou travail zot faire zot la loi travail zot meme zot done salère ki zot anvi zot meme et met travayer dehor kan zot anvi éna bane zom ki fer zenfan et ki pa asime zot paternité auken la loi pou ça eski touzour pareil ou byen fine sangé mo pé dire ça éna 10 ou 12 ans couma nou dir la loi bancale pénà aucun respé mersi pou ou réponse

26 Jan 2013 11:21

Automatic or Manual transmission car?

I have been taking driving lesson for the past 3 months in a manual car..after 3 months i still make alot of mistakes while driving..its so discouraging. I want to have the license once for all....Do you think i have to change from manual to automatic driving school..
plz advice me................thx

17 Nov 2012 12:22

How do I get a pre-primary and nursery permit? What should be my first step?

I want to open a pre-primary and nursery in Mauritius. However, I am not sure how to proceed with the permit.

11 Nov 2012 09:43

Can you just stop paying your home loan if you think you should not have bought that property in Mauritius ?

Suppose you took a home loan to purchase a plot a land, and a couple of months later, you decide that you should not have bought that land. Can you just stop paying for the loan and let the bank seize the property? Are there any other serious consequences to it?

11 Aug 2012 22:12

Robes de marié a louer a ile maurice

Ou est-ce que je peux trouver robe de marié princess en blanc a louer?

02 Jul 2012 17:08

Mauritius Telecom / Orange slow internet connection issues

The service of my.t in mauritius is just too bad,no single improvement althought several complaints.I have complaints to them atleast 4-5 times this week but no improvement.The service they provide is too 'amateur',they take consumers for granted,i think we should move on to subsitutes now,that
's the only solution i see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09 Apr 2016 00:11

Fashion House Factory Shop Phoenix

please check the dictionary for healthy... those you are referring as 'healthy' are not healthy, there is another more precise for this..

19 Nov 2014 13:21

Mauritius Telecom / Orange slow internet connection issues

Guys, I have given up on MT long time, go for either DCL (Alice ) or Bharat, when MT will start losing their customers they will then realise.
The service with ALICE DCL is quite stable now, though some hick ups from time to time, but generally it is much better than MT. Recently somebody I know just connected to ALICE in MOKA as there is no MT and ADSL is only 512k.

I heard a lot of good feedback on Bharat, as they are connected with Fibre now to SAFE and LION.

How can Madagascar have faster internet than Mauritius which is supposed to be a cyber island. In Madagascar on WIFI you could get a speed of around 50mbps easily and upload around 10MBPS.

This is all thanks to the OLD politicians in the government who do not want to leave, without any vision whatsoever for this island, where it has to go and how to drive economic growth. Bharat can easily offer around 100mbps but I understand this is all controlled by the government pricing etc. Good luck to us all who has to put up with all this crap.

03 Jun 2014 19:37

New National Identity Card Mauritius

Good morning,

I was born in Mauritius, but have been living in Australia for 46 years, and wish to apply for a Mauritian Identity card. Could this be applied for at the Mauritius Embassy in Australia, I still have my birth certificate.

11 Oct 2013 17:27

Taking your car for a fitness test at the Vehicle Inspection Centre

Very helpful. Thankyou. Someone who needed help knowing how to manage!

11 Oct 2013 17:27

Maurice ile durable - A Sustainable Mauritius Project

this article is very interesting it helps people to learn about maurice ile durable. also the government is taking good initiative so that we can all move toward a green island

11 Oct 2013 17:26

Collecting your items from the main Parcel Office when you buy from abroad

Hi, I ordered on based in china on the 8 of sept 2013. Dresslily gave me a tracking number and informed me that my article arrived to mauritius on the 3rd oct 2013. How will the mauritius post proceed now?

11 Oct 2013 17:26

Fake MAC cosmetics gaining popularity in Mauritius

I've been through this....was about to buy fake mac product.but I've done some research when I realise what they are selling is fake...from china which is 10 dollars online ands it's like 300 Mauritian Rs but these people are selling it for 1000 Rs or more common lets just not support this .

28 Sep 2013 09:55

New National Identity Card Mauritius

Hello Reshma,I am in the same situation as you I lost my identity card. Not sure whether we can apply for new one from here. I am in Kent.
Need to find out more.

Hope this helps


22 Sep 2013 13:03

Becoming an Avon ambassadrice in Mauritius

i agree frederic m products are expensive , but the quality i must say is wonderful, and like i read above with avon you got to have command for 1500 to be able to send request, with frederic m , this is different , u can go zer and requset for one product, delivery and time taken to receive your command is quick , request command today got it tomorow itself , else request in the morning and get it later

22 Sep 2013 13:02

How to find your Ancestors

I want to know about my ancestors and to which caste my family belong family name is unjore they came from bihar.

17 Sep 2013 09:34

Rip Off Mauritius

You have to turn and walk away. When they short change you or "accidently" miscalculate, correct them and never go back. Its true that you have to be extremely careful to cover every possible scam opening.

05 Sep 2013 23:16

New National Identity Card Mauritius

Just take your birth certificate and go to at p.louis and do it. no need to fill any forms everything is done there.

24 Aug 2013 23:30

TV packages in Mauritius

thanks for the info. did you get your freeview tv from the uk?

16 Aug 2013 14:37

To lead without a title? No, to do good deeds without expectation is better

He tends to tell people things which are already known but which are generally ignored. Eating good foods, being disciplined, organize one's life, exercising, breathe properly be calm; all of these are simple and yet people are too busy to put them into practice.

You're right. He teaches the obvious. The advice is here. It's up to the young blood to put them into practice.

13 Aug 2013 19:43

Fake MAC cosmetics gaining popularity in Mauritius

I totally agree with you! And its sad the number of people boasting about using MAC. They might just be putting their skin at risk.


08 Aug 2013 13:20

Slavery in Mauritius

can you tell me more about the ''ravanne'' and it's origin?

29 Jul 2013 08:25

Taking your car for a fitness test at the Vehicle Inspection Centre

This site is very helpful and has saved me of many a hassle this morning. I was through the entire procedure within one and a half hour, inclusive of going to the Post Office for the payment of the Road Tax at Bell Village where I was re-directed to the NTA itself for the payment of a penalty. Well done. Thanks.

21 Jul 2013 07:56

Rip Off Mauritius

Have you heard that they're now thinking of removing "gullible" from the dictionary?

You seem, for a Mauritian", to be quite easy to rip off.

I'm a Brit, but never take anything at face value in MRU. I know they're gonna try to fleece white face says "sucker", so I'm 10 times as vigilant.

17 Jun 2013 16:12

Waste management in Mauritius

force them to pay for that bottle and then use a pay back system for collection of these bottles

29 May 2013 17:29
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